Our Vision

The vision of Southern Data Solutions is to be a geographically prominent, best-of-breed technology solutions provider, recognized for the excellence of its service and support, the depth of its values-based culture, and the strength of its commitment to helping clients and employees lead lives of significance and success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build strong personal relationships with our clients; to solve their business problems with reliable technology solutions; to deliver unmatched value and complete customer satisfaction; to enable their people to be more productive and communicate more effectively.

Our Purpose

Why does our company exist? Why does what we do matter? What difference are we making in the world?

Our purpose is simple…We help people succeed…in life, in business, and with technology!

Our Core Values and Honor Code

  • We Value Our Customers: We are committed to putting our FULL effort behind developing loyal, ecstatic, raving fan clients and helping them to achieve success.
  • We Value Hard Work: We know the key to success is preparation, hard work, and the persistence to do what is necessary, not what is easy.
  • We Value EXCELLENCE: We have no tolerance for mediocrity. We are achievers who take pride in delivering excellence in everything we do.
  • We Value Unquestionable Integrity: We value those who have the moral courage to keep their commitments, tell the truth, and do what is right.
  • We Value Gratitude: We have no tolerance for whining, excuses, or DRAMA.
  • We Value Development and Learning: We are committed to constant, never ending improvement of our people, process, tools, products and services.
  • We Value Trust-Based Teamwork: We are committed to building trust within our team by admitting mistakes, helping each other regardless of “job title”, and focusing our collective energy on positive improvement.
  • We Value Thorough Documentation and Communication: We are committed to delivering detailed documentation and the highest level of communication to our clients to reinforce the quality of the work that we perform.