Best Practices

Recognized processes, methods, business rules, etc. which enable the organization to perform at optimal levels, e.g. top quartile, best in class.

Change Requests

Examples of change requests include adjustments/information related to: workflow rules; reporting structures; reports; restatements; business rules/forecasting logic; user privileges/access; reconciliation; troubleshooting; etc.

Compliance (Compliant)

Conform to multiple regulatory, security, and control requirements, e.g. US GAAP, IFRS, international statutory, Sarbanes Oxley, SEC, IRS, etc.


Elements/activities associated with the technology framework, e.g. application ‘patches’, servers, storage, networks, etc.


IT is the acronym for Information Technology.


Local Area Network. The hardware makeup of a business’ computers and associated hardware (switches, hubs, etc.) to allow for PC to PC communication.

Managed Services

Services offering that includes monitoring and management of all systems.


Mobile Device Management is the ability to manage any device that is mobile by installing an agent that allows control of applications and usage of device.


Installation of security updates from vendors such as Microsoft to keep the software secure and free from vulnerabilities.

Refresh (Real-time)

Updates information on demand or 'more often' than only during the ‘month end close cycle/process’ or 'monthly/quarterly forecasting window'.  Frequency can vary by reporting object.

Scope of Work

A Scope of Work or SOW is defined as a set of planned phases and tasks to complete a project.


Service Level Agreement. The time it takes to respond to service calls from provider.


The act of sending unsolicited marketing emails to a list of email recipients.

System Management

The act of supporting and maintaining the customer’s software and hardware as it interacts directly or indirectly with the business of the customer.


Voice over Internet Protocol used for phones.


Virtual Chief Technology Officer is an offering in which we act as your CTO to assist with technology solutions and advise in ways to make technology work for our customers.


Wide Area Network for network communication between different networks usually geographically separated.


A sequence of connected operations, stated as the work of a person, group, or one or more mechanisms.