24/7 Support 24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Southern Data Solutions partners with your company to secure your revenue and keep your business running. Never go without IT service again, because our 100% US based support is here for you 24/7.

Predictable Cost Predictable Cost

Predictable Cost

Our specific service model is one of the best business decisions you'll make. Always get excellent service and timely solutions. All labor is covered and stays predictable with a simple flat-rate monthly plan.

Built Around You Built Around You

Built Around You

We customize innovative, effective solutions to help your business run smoothly, whether or not you have an internal IT staff. Our IT management is built on efficiency, and offers both on-site and remote support.

Aligned Success Aligned Success

Aligned Success

Our technical experts provide the support you need to keep your network up and running so your staff stays productive. Southern Data Solutions' proactive IT solutions solve problems before they affect your business.


The Southern Data Solutions team consists of Project Managers, System Analysts, Qualified Network Analysts, Network Administrators and Desktop Support Technicians. Clients receive years of collective knowledge in innovative IT support. Our team maintains the highest levels of technology and security certifications, so you can be confident when entrusting your organization’s IT environment to us.

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  2. Executives
  3. Business Development
  4. Management Team
  5. Professional Services
  6. NOC
  7. Support Desk
  • Jeff Davis
    Jeff Davis
    Founder, President
  • Jose Soto
    Jose Soto
    Account Manager
  • Greg Heath
    Greg Heath
    Operations Manager
  • Olivia Davis
    Olivia Davis
    Office Manager
  • Ernest Garner
    Ernest Garner
    Senior Solution Engineer
  • Jerry Lawrence
    Jerry Lawrence
    Solution Engineer
  • Deldrick Ellsberry
    Deldrick Ellsberry
    Service Coordinator
  • Sean Scrybalo
    Sean Scrybalo
    Solution Engineer
  • Zach Eshelman
    Zach Eshelman
    Support Desk & NOC Manager
  • Zach Wood
    Zach Wood
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Nathan Bronsveld
    Nathan Bronsveld
    Technical Services Engineer
  • James Cobb
    James Cobb
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Jay Coots
    Jay Coots
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Ron Davis
    Ron Davis
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Joseph Deskin
    Joseph Deskin
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Randi Evenson
    Randi Evenson
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Eric L. Hoffman
    Eric L. Hoffman
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Greg Bower
    Greg Bower
    Customer Relationships
  • Stephen Limonta
    Stephen Limonta
    Customer Relationships
  • Chadrick Lipscomb
    Chadrick Lipscomb
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Tate West
    Tate West
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Eric Barnes
    Eric Barnes
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Joseph Burt
    Joseph Burt
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Luke Glover
    Luke Glover
    Research & Development Manager
  • Andrew Vo
    Andrew Vo
    Sales Development Representative
  • Joe Parr
    Joe Parr
    Business Disaster Recover
  • Kayley Lantrip
    Kayley Lantrip
    Marketing Coordinator
  • Josh Armstrong
    Josh Armstrong
    Core Services
  • Sage Driskell
    Sage Driskell
    Core Services
  • Mike Wood
    Mike Wood
    Channel Manager
  • Michael Copeland
    Michael Copeland
    Creative Director
  • Misty Kaufman
    Misty Kaufman
    Sales Development Representative
  • Ross O'Neal
    Ross O'Neal
    Digital Designer
  • Cody Peters
    Cody Peters
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Chase Wilmot
    Chase Wilmot
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Drew Lessard
    Drew Lessard
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Jerin Croley
    Jerin Croley
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Josue Garcia
    Josue Garcia
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Jeff Nix
    Jeff Nix
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Kelly Tyson
    Kelly Tyson
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Matt Mariaux
    Matt Mariaux
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Michael Hightower
    Michael Hightower
    Core Services
  • Payden Laake
    Payden Laake
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Sammy Byers
    Sammy Byers
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Todd Harker
    Todd Harker
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Trent Shaw
    Trent Shaw
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Zack Simmons
    Zack Simmons
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Michelle Bowers
    Michelle Bowers
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Mark Munt
    Mark Munt
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Jay Baath
    Jay Baath
    Tier 1 Support Desk Technician
  • Bryan Levinsky
    Bryan Levinsky
    Tier 1 Support Desk Technician
  • Christian Baeza
    Christian Baeza
    Tier 1 Support Desk Technician
  • Chris Stoddard
    Chris Stoddard
    Tier 1 Support Desk Technician
  • Michael Hanson
    Michael Hanson
    Tier 1 Support Desk Technician
  • Bev Bohrer
    Bev Bohrer
    Tier 1 Support Desk Technician
  • Xiomara Escobar
    Xiomara Escobar
    Tier 1 Support Desk Technician

Why Choose Southern Data Solutions?

Southern Data Solutions provides IT support throughout Atlanta. Our team of experts provides reliable on-site support. We’re there when you need us, ensuring seamless productivity within your systems and providing the level of attention your business deserves. We value long-term relationships with our clients and will work closely with your business to ensure that you have all the technology resources for software and hardware that you need to be successful.

100% Unconditional Satisfaction

Our IT consulting and technology support services will give you the satisfaction you deserve. We will bend over backwards to ensure you are happy with our IT management & network support services.

Guaranteed 1 Hour Response

Your computer support problem or network issues will be addressed in sixty minutes or less. It's a guarantee that your call is responded to within one hour.

Fixed Monthly IT Cost

You’ll never be surprised. We offer an all-inclusive support plan, ensuring that our clients are not nickel-and-dimed when they need us the most. All this enables you to truly manage IT costs.

Expeditious Repair

Your issues – even the minor ones – will be taken care of quickly and efficiently. Since everything is included in one price, we are highly-motivated to use our time wisely.

No Technical Jargon

We’ll provide clear answers to your computer and IT support questions. You’ll never be made to feel out of your element by non-sensical tech speak.

Your IT Department

Our entire team is an extension of your business. Empower your employees with on-demand support that's just a phone call away.