1. Faster Service Response - We offer multiple lines of communication when you need it the most and we guarantee to have an engineer working on resolving your problem within 60 minutes.

2. Predictable Expenditures. Our unique Managed Services model sets us apart from all other competitors. Our Complete Care Managed Services plan includes all tools, support, and projects. You get all the benefits of the tools which includes the monitoring and management but also includes ALL labor! This gives us the freedom to be a true IT department without the hassle of reviewing invoices.

3. Better Documentation. The biggest complaint we hear from people who are using OTHER managed service IT support providers is that technicians are not familiar with their environment and slow to resolve their issues. We are able to reduce issue resolution times through the use of an advanced, relational documentation system. We profile your users along with the technologies, hardware, software applications, and services that each person utilizes which allows us to deliver consistent and quick service.

4. Better User Training and Onboarding. We believe in doing things right the first time! Our on boarding process is second to none with live, formal end user training on support/escalation as well as our Customer Welcome Guide. We spend more time standardizing your environment, documenting it, and training users during our on boarding process than any other competitor.

5. Our engineers are more seasoned, qualified, and professional with 10+ years of real world experience. We have better trained and more experienced engineers than the average IT firm. Many of our competitors engineers are inexperienced or low skilled and this results in problems taking much longer than they should to resolve, problems reappearing or taking several attempts to fix. Only one in ten of SDS job applicants pass our technical exam and our engineers have an average of 10 years or more experience in IT support.

6. Quality Control and Performance Improvement. We utilize technology as well as checks and balances for tracking time and our performance, but we also give our customers the opportunity to voice any concerns via post service, easy to use surveys. If said feedback is not positive, we have a member of our team follow up with you. This allows us to review our customer service skills on a regular basis and continually improve our process and service levels.

7. We always provide you with the most cost-effective solution to your problem. We understand the importance of keeping overhead and costs to a minimum. Our engineers are trained to find the most cost-effective solution to your problem without sacrificing quality. We never recommend upgrades, hardware, software and solutions that aren’t 100% necessary.

8. We are big enough to handle every type of issue quickly, but still small enough to provide you with the individual attention you deserve. Our clients tell us, working with friendly, polite and good humored engineers is as important as the skills and responsive service they provide. It is important that the people you and your users communicate with, know who you are, understand your needs, listen and empathize with you. Having close relationships, means ALL your users will be as productive as possible and having happy staff will ultimately lead to happy clients.

9. Extensive Virtualization and Cloud Solutions Expertise. The days of buying expensive server infrastructure every three years are over. We have assisted over 1000 businesses virtualize their servers and migrate their data to cloud solutions in order to increase reliability, performance, uptime, and failover. Adoption of cloud solutions can be very disruptive to your employees and to the operations of your business. Don't trust just anyone to evaluate, plan, and execute on your transition. Experience and expertise makes a huge difference.

10. Our employees work from a secure, LOCAL office. Our offices are located inside Peak 10’s latest Tier 3 SSAE 16 compliant data center on Edison Drive just off Winward Parkway and GA 400 in Alpharetta. Our Professional Services Team is based out of these offices and our management and monitoring systems are hosted in a secure data center facility with our HelpDesk Team located in Dallas, Texas. Many other IT support firms use offshore call center labor, don’t have a physical office, or use engineers who work from home. This can lead to major security issues when an engineer connects to your network from overseas or from their own unsecure home network AND can lead to poor response and service levels when they don’t have management present to supervise their work.